The bris ceremony takes about 15 minutes. The mother starts with the baby in her arms, and then hands the baby over to a designated woman. This woman takes the baby to the entrance of the room and hands the baby over to her husband. This couple is called the Kvatter, and the main custom is to use a childless couple if possible.

The baby is brought to the front of the room, and is placed on the first of two chairs. This first chair is designated as the chair of Elija. At this point, I will say a short prayer in Hebrew. The baby is then transferred onto the lap of the Sandak, who is sitting on the second chair. The Sandak holds the baby during the bris, and is frequently the baby's grandfather.

I will now perform the bris. The amount of time that I am actually touching your baby during the procedure is about one or two minutes. I will then wrap him up and give him to another man (often the second grandfather) to hold for the naming. This is called the Sandak Me'umad. The naming itself is usually done by the Rabbi or the Mohel, and the baby is then brought back, by the Kvatter, to mum for a feed.

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